Sunday, March 13, 2011

step one, step two...

These are the steps that I wish I took every afternoon to get home!
Hope your Sunday was full of blessings and the steps you take this week will be soft and easy.


  1. I love the book stairs. And the quote ... talk less, say more ;)

    Hugs and love and all other sweet stuff.


  2. LOVE the book stairs! Would be amazing leading up to a loft library!

  3. I love those old, broken concrete stairs leading into a creepy-looking house or mausoleum, like so many places in my hometown of you know where.

  4. Even though you took some unexpected steps this week, you have made it to the top of this set of stairs! "I Will Survive" may be your theme for a while. Your friends and family will be there for you during "The Climb(s)".

  5. I just addd your link to my Blog.
    I am originally form Texas and oh so miss the Hill Country!