Tuesday, March 29, 2011

skunks and sold stickers

The favorite scene today was this little pink sticker. We had a super day and would like to thank all of our wonderful customers. You made our day!

I was able to walk around to a few more of my favorite booths today. This is Laurie Evans. Love her booth!

If you don't already know TOT, let me introduce you to Teresa of Time Worn Interiors. She has a so many great ideas and beautiful things.

The next few pictures are from French Vanilla.

Love this old chair frame with linen flowers!

You kind of have to just sit and absorb all of the creativity from their booth!

In.conjunction when a digger meets a peddler. Loved their things.

Now, I have a funny store about the power of suggestion. As we were traveling along the farm roads of Texas this morning, my Mom suddenly said, "ooh, do y'all smell that coffee?" Jay and I both agreed that there was a very strong(and very good,we thought)smell of fresh brewing coffee. We could not figure out how we could smell someone brewing coffee while we were riding down the road....until...my 88 year old Dad(who had not been listening to us)said, "pee eww! Does anyone else smell that polecat?" We laughed all day about our skunk that we thought was a cup of coffee!


  1. Oh, wow! I think I would need to take a very, very large vehicle and maybe even a trailer with me if I went there. Everything is gorgeous!

  2. Texas skunks must smell better than Georgia skunks, because they certainly haven't smelled like coffee here. Have fun and don't drink too many cups of "polecat"!

  3. You are ahead of the game, no body in blogland has posted any pictures of Round Top yet. Thank you, I was anxious to see some of those booths. I love your dad, he is a sweetheart! Don forget, we want lots of pictures of YOUR booth!
    Have a fantastic time!