Wednesday, March 23, 2011

a loaf of bread and a fish

Before I begin, let me say "thank you" for all of the kind comments about my Mother in Law. She is resting this week and we have a couple of weeks of a break in her treatment. In the meantime, We have been working 14 hour days to try and squeeze 2 months worth of work in to 5 days. This show is going to be a fish and bread one for us, we are going with a fish and a loaf of bread and praying for a miracle when we get there! We leave for Round Top, Texas tomorrow. It is one of our favorite shows and always a treat. We will be at Marburger Farms from March 28 till April 2. I will do my usual "blog along the way" if you care to join us. We hope to see you tomorrow!

The store will be closed March 26 and April 2. We will re open on April 9th with all of our new buys from Texas.


  1. Have fun on your journey, and I know that you and Jay will find special items to share with all of us. Frances will enjoy riding shotgun as she looks for things that only the two of you can turn into magic. I know Spence is looking forward to seeing Magnolia Pearl.

  2. Wish you the best of luck at the show! Since I can't go, please take a lot of pictures for me.
    XXX Ido