Monday, January 31, 2011

I need a little colour

It is another rainy week in the south and I need a little colour. I found these happy colors at Cath Ooooh, she has the happiest things and to make it even happier, they come from England.

For some reason, if something is made in England, France, Italy, etc... it seem to hold a little magic in my eyes. I can just hear that tea cup speaking with a delightful English accent.

Doesn't that make you want a cup of tea and a scone.
We have tons of new things to put in the store today and we will make a road trip to an auction later in the week so come and see our happy new things on Saturday. Happy Monday!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

a shout out to the girls

I would like to give a sparkly shout out to my 3 big girls and 2 little fuzzy girls who came and spent the day with me today! You will never know how special you are. Please come again soon. I love you all!

springtime saturday

Jay had a resolution for us to write a blog every day. I left Jay in charge of writing the blog yesterday for the first time this year. Did everyone enjoy Jay's blog yesterday? I haven't been able to find it yet! (sorry Jay, I couldn't help but poke)

On a sweeter note.
The sun is out today. The Earth is warm and wonderful. Pack a picnic and find a meadow to sit and enjoy the beauty.

Wishing you a blossom filled Saturday full of nothing but sweet surprises.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

where are you Mary Poppins?

This is what we are doing today. Unlike Bert, Jay is not dancing and smiling while he is cleaning our smokestack!

We have a wood stove in one of our buildings that decided to clog up on Saturday. Now, not just clog up , but clog up after we had started a ROARING fire! We were the only store in town that had all of it's doors open with a fan blowing while it was 30 degrees outside. We had smoke coming out of every crack and crevice.

Mary Poppins, I know that you always had a way of serving that spoonful of sugar; We need a double dose today and please hurry!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

got blue shoes?

If last week was pink, I am feeling that this week is robin's egg blue.
What a perfect shade of blue.

Valentine's Day is coming soon. Girls love little blue boxes.
Especially the tiffany blue ones.

Spring is on the way and I love finding a nest full of blue eggs.

And pink just looks so yummy when it is next to blue.

Yep, it is a blue week. Now if I could only live in this fabulous cottage with the blue door!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Here is what Alice and Jay do when the "pinks" hit(I don't get the blues, I get the pinks)
We hit the road and look for a flea market!

We found one and had a great time!
We scored some old architectural trim, a few mannequins and some great old concrete.

Vintage Christmas ornaments are always on my list and we found some great ones!

Who could pass up a collection of moose horns. These are going to look great when Jay gets them cleaned up.

I found these pretty windows. This guy told me that they came out of a 5 million dollar house. I love the stories that you can hear at a flea market. Tall tales are one of my favorite flea perks.

I have a slight button obsession. The funny thing is that I do not sew or really ever use any buttons.

I just like to look at them.

I rarely pass up a box of letters...especially when they are...

I hope the week has started off great and only gets better.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

it was a pink week

This has been a pink week for me.
A week full of surgeries, sickness,and feelings of sadness.

There was no progress on our bank building or new roof.
The store seemed a little pink too!
As this week comes to an end...

I want to send Barbara loving wishes of wellness and thankfulness that all went well.
Thorsten Taylor, if you are there, I love every thing about the incredible person you are and I will be on the next plane over if you need me!
Eileen, I always feel you beside me.
Jesse and Betty, you made our Saturday so much sweeter.
Joanne, you are in my happy thoughts EVERY day.
Ki, you are simply an angel!
Terry, thank you for taking care of me.
Kelsey, you are my sunshine
Lindsey, you are my coat of many colors.
Jay, you are the best.

So as we leave this week behind with its sweetness, let's drive forward into the new one with eager anticipation! I wonder what color it will be?
To live is so startling it leaves little time for anything else.
Emily Dickenson

Saturday, January 22, 2011

sock saturday

A cold winter weekend calls for a sock Saturday.

Find your favorite pair

and spend the whole day relaxing in them!
Happy Saturday!

Friday, January 21, 2011

sweet saturday tomorrow

Good Morning! Jay and I are up bright and early today getting the store ready for tomorrow.

We have so many new winter white sweets to fill the store.
We hope you can come by and share a candy necklace and a smile with us!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

I found my different!

I want to be different tomorrow in this coat.

With this pretty little bow and flower

and this yummy hat! If only I could shop in France at
Atelier des Ours!

be different

It is a lovely morning in our little town. The sun is shining and it is pleasantly cool, not freezing.
Today, after hot cocoa and cupcakes, I think we should all do something out of the ordinary . One day, many years ago, my oldest daughter decided to wear her pants inside out to school . Understand, she attended a very conservative school where folks just didn't do things like that. At first, I thought about asking her to reconsider, but then I decided that it took a lot of courage to be that different and I really admired her for her creativity. Years passed and we have seen pink, purple, and blue hair, robes tied around her waist as a skirt, and headbands worn every way BUT the way they were made to be worn. She is still a little different and I am ever so thankful. Her tiny little gesture of originality has turned into a river of uniqueness that I celebrate.

Now I am not suggesting that we all wear our clothes inside out, but I am hoping that we can all be a little more comfortable with who we really are and celebrate the uniqueness that we embody. I happen to love pink flamingos(yes! the tacky ones) I fill my life with them. They make ME happy and I find that when I am happiest, I am able to pass that happiness onto others. That is what we hope to do at Alice and Jay-Open your eyes to a new way of seeing, Open your mind to a new way of thinking, and open your soul to the infinite colors of the imagination. Be different-it is a whole lot more FUN!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

another world anyone?

Did you have that cup of cocoa yesterday?

Let's make today a cupcake day!

The sun will shine soon and pink blossoms will fill the earth with sweetness.
Until then...let's fill ourselves with visions of springtime.
We have lots of new springtime colors coming this Saturday to the store.
We hope you can come share a candy necklace with us.

(beautiful photos from weheartit)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

a cup of cocoa

I wish for sunshine and springtime.
I have a busy day ahead of me and I find myself anxious.
Call a friend you haven't seen in a while and have a cup of cocoa today.
Pretend you are sipping chocolate in France.
Make it a blessed day.

Take 4 cups of whole milk
add 7 oz. dark baking chocolate
vanilla and sugar to taste
simmer for about 20 minutes till thick
Use a french accent and enjoy!

Monday, January 17, 2011

a wish for Barbara

photo from Little emma english home

Today we would like to wish Ms. Barbara a blessed week. She is a wonderful friend of my parents who will be having surgery this week. We all know how stressful that can be! Miss Barbara, we wish the hands of God to be with your doctors this week, the heart of God to keep you enveloped in His peace, the arms of God to wrap you in a warm and comfortable blanket of Love, and the power of God to ALWAYS be in control. You will be in our thoughts.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

I have found the most delightful blog. I love everything about it! It's delightful, it's sweet, it's inspiring, and it has the perfect amount of "girly". Check it out - littleemmaenglishhome.blogspot It will make your Saturday sparkle!

Friday, January 14, 2011


Since all of this cold has me thinking of fires and firewood...look at this awesome sculpture made by Alastair Heseltine. I'll bet this would get the neighbors talking!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Turn up the heat.

It is cold! I figured if I couldn't warm it up outside, at least I could make us think of warmer days or make us laugh for a bit.
Jay and Herbie are taking off the loose plaster today. We are hoping to leave a nice mix of old plaster and bricks but the decision belongs to the walls. So far, I think it looks great
Roofing may begin as early as next week!