Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Here is what Alice and Jay do when the "pinks" hit(I don't get the blues, I get the pinks)
We hit the road and look for a flea market!

We found one and had a great time!
We scored some old architectural trim, a few mannequins and some great old concrete.

Vintage Christmas ornaments are always on my list and we found some great ones!

Who could pass up a collection of moose horns. These are going to look great when Jay gets them cleaned up.

I found these pretty windows. This guy told me that they came out of a 5 million dollar house. I love the stories that you can hear at a flea market. Tall tales are one of my favorite flea perks.

I have a slight button obsession. The funny thing is that I do not sew or really ever use any buttons.

I just like to look at them.

I rarely pass up a box of letters...especially when they are...

I hope the week has started off great and only gets better.


  1. I love all the buttons!! You can't go to a store and buy new buttons that look as good as old buttons do.

  2. I remember Mama used to have a tin container full of buttons. I don't know if they belonged to Grandma Taylor or not but I always loved looking through them. Doug and I both love the window. Hmmm...wonder if Ricky could put it in our house somewhere?

  3. Sigh ... I love the vintage ornaments, the letters and the pretty buttons. Why I gotta be cooped up all week, while you two are out there having a bunch of fun? sigh ... mope ... sad face, but happy for you!

  4. If Ricky can put the window in Doug and Eileen's home, I wonder if their house will be worth $5 million?