Monday, January 30, 2012

The Rusty Bucket goes green

We didn't do anything that we needed to do today.  We did everything that we wanted to do today!
 I had this wompy chandelier in the warehouse along with this old canoe.  I painted the chandelier and planted flowers in the canoe.  I love the fun that they have added to the station. 
 Delightfully tacky!  Just the kind of thing that makes me ask Jay to put on the brakes and yell , "STOP, turn around!  I NEED to go back and look!"
I can't wait to get out the grill and some ice cold drinks and have a little party out here.  I am hoping that the plants will grow like weeds and make a buffer to soften all of this asphalt.    Fun!  Fun!  Fun!
Come by and see us and we can sit out and have a pop together.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Girlie Maude and her flock of flamingos

 It seems as though I am often complaining about how busy Alice and Jay keeps me.  Whine, whine, whine... So...what do you do when you are busy whining...EXPAND!  Meet the newest member of the family.  This was an old service station that sits on the corner in our one horse town.  It is now THE RUSTY BUCKET.  We will be offering art classes to anyone who is young at heart and using the back as our workroom.  We are just beginning to spit and polish her up but I thought I would share a little "before" pics so you can see how pretty she is going to be!
 I am most excited about Girlie Maude!  She has been parked under a shed for the last 4 years just waiting on me to find her a good spot to sparkle.  She is a genuine Serro Scotty trailer that I named after my sporty little Grandma.  Girlie Maude was indeed a sport(I hope you have those heavenly hotlines to Eva and Nellie burning up about now)!
 I still have so much work to do but the flamingos were chompin' at the bit to get out with Girlie so I had to oblige.
This side is next.  I'll give you a little hint...think cool old rusty roofed grain bin!  It's gonna be splendiferous.  I am thinking about serving ice cream and milkshakes out of my bin but who knows...

Friday, January 27, 2012

words...make them lovely

Today, my best friend was having a bad day.  I gave her advice.
Later today, I found myself in a situation where I had to take my own words and give them feet.  
Words can be destructive, constructive, helpful, painful, beautiful and not so beautiful all in one day.
Tomorrow, another promise to myself...
Guard my words and remember...
Whatever is true, whatever is noble,whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable
If anything is excellent or praiseworthy
I will think of such things.


Saturday, January 21, 2012

Pip is peachy!

 I ventured in to the big city(Atlanta) twice last week.  Once to say goodbye to one of the kindest and most generous persons that I have ever known and the other was to go to the mart(insert some loud and frightening music about now!).  I am a junk shopper not a real lady shopper and you want to talk about lady shopping overload, just go to the mart!  Thousands upon thousands(I swear it was millions but the handbook says not and my mama taught me not to swear)of choices.
 My heart starts pounding and my head actually hurts from all of the beautiful things that are available to choose from.  Ah, and in that lies the rub... to choose...Oh my gosh!  How on Earth do you other ladies decide what to order, what will people like, what will people actually BUY, how much should I order, am I ordering this just because it is pink and pretty(I have a weakness for pink and pretty).  The indecision makes me want to look for the classiest lady around and see if I can hire her to shop with me!  I felt like a kid in school trying to cheat on a test by looking at what everyone else had in their carts.  Needless to say, I ended up with a LOT of catalogs and a couple of orders.
 I did manage to totally fall in love with Pip Studios. 
The colors are bright and cheerful and make me want to have afternoon tea every single day! It would be such a shame if I ordered some of this happiness and no one else loved it like i do, darn, I would have to take it all home with me.  :)  Check out some of there wonderful lines at

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

laundry day

 It has been one of those days. Those days that you wake up and just feel like the universe is out of sync.  One by one, the minutes turn to moments that I know will be with me for the rest of my life.  It seems that on days such as these, time stands still and you find yourself wishing for it to pass.
 As I sat down this evening with little to say, I searched for some peaceful images to soothe the soul.  Usually, it is the simple things that give me peace.  Today I found laundry to be the fairy dust I was yearning for.
 What is more satisfying than to slip in to a crisp, clean sheet at night or smell the softness of a blanket.
 To take all of the dirt and grime that accumulated during the day and wash it out.  Wash it out and then hang it up to dry in the brilliant sunshine.
 Let the wind blow it all away. Blow it far away.
Every morning is a new beginning.  A gift.  My promise to myself for tomorrow...  I will awaken with a know that the mud has been washed away...the smoke has blown with the wind...and the sweet scent of hope has remained for me to enjoy.
My precious Brother-in-law passed away this morning.  I know that he sits in Glory and Peace tonight.  George, you will be missed but your kindness and faithfulness will remain as a part of my heart forever.  Godspeed

All photos are from pinterest.  

Friday, January 13, 2012

a little love to giveaway

 It was a delightful day at Alice and Jay. 
We cut and painted and did all things fun.  Days when you can use your imagination are just the best!
We open at 10 tomorrow.  Jay will have a roaring fire so please come warm your toes and tickle your senses! 
P.S.  If you would like one of our hand painted hearts to brighten your door, just leave us a comment and tell us what makes your heart sing.  We will send the winner a great big heart sealed with a hug! 

Thursday, January 12, 2012

pretty in pale

January always makes me want everything white.  
 It is so clean and refreshing. When we were refilling the store for the new year, I looked for everything in shades of pale. I love these bisque octopus, they make me wish for the ocean breeze.
 I did the entire bank building in white.  The old brick walls make it so easy to decorate(even though decorating does not come natural to me).  I kind of wanted to just move in once we had everything in its place. 
 I did manage to incorporate a wee bit of color.  This buffet is painted with a hand mixed shade of chalk paint.  I love the pear color!

 I adore this new dinnerware that we  got in.  It makes a table sing with sweetness!  I could just imagine a happy family in front of a cozy  fire eating dinner together.
On another note, we have exciting news.  We now have an art studio for our resident artist.  The Rusty Bucket will be opening soon for children's and adult art classes.  We are going to be making pottery, jewelry,chalkboards,paintings, and just about anything else that sounds like fun!  Check out our facebook at  The Rusty Bucket for more details.

Have a blessed evening with a cup of tea in front of a cracking fire(and if you have snow, think of me as it falls!)  
Dream it...Wish it...Do it

Saturday, January 7, 2012

A new year and already behind

 I hope everyone had a very merry Christmas and a happy beginning to the new year!  I have certainly enjoyed my time with family.  We celebrated and ate and relaxed and let time stand still with those we cherish and love the most.
 Remember the Khoom Loy(wish lanterns) I told you I had ordered.  Well, they were magical indeed!  I ordered 25 and only had one malfunction and that malfunction was my own fault.  I let it go too close to a tall tree and it got caught in the very top of the tree.
 It was kinda funny.  It was our first lantern of the evening. My Mom and my family went out into the backyard.  We all gathered around and carefully followed the instructions(other than that small print that said; Do NOT light near trees.  and the writing really wasn't that small, I just can't see anymore)  So, I had everyone circle around in a serious ceremonious fashion and, with great wisdom ,I  proceeded to explain the history behind the worry/wish lanterns.  I suggested that we all place our greatest worries and wishes inside of this lantern and as we let it go to the heavens, we would, in turn, let all of these wishes and worries go straight up with it.  It was beautiful.  We all let the lantern go and stood in awe of its beauty and meaning.  It slowly floated above our heads as we stood in proud silence and then it happened... Our wishes and worries got stuck in a tree!  The tip top of a very dry pine tree slap full of giant pine cones.  Now imagine a giant thought bubble above my head that says, "CRAP!  I am going to have to go call the Boston Volunteer fire dept on Christmas Eve and tell them I have a flaming paper lantern stuck in a pine tree right beside my parent's home...ugh!"  
 Fortunately, the lantern just went out on its own and the tree did not catch on fire.  I think all of our wishes changed from deep and meaningful... to ... please, please, please don't catch the tree on fire.
Lesson learned!  The other 24 lanterns went flying off over a wide open field and joined the stars with great delight!  These lanterns are a magical way to spend an evening. I ordered mine from  They would make any day a special day and that is what life is all about.