Thursday, January 12, 2012

pretty in pale

January always makes me want everything white.  
 It is so clean and refreshing. When we were refilling the store for the new year, I looked for everything in shades of pale. I love these bisque octopus, they make me wish for the ocean breeze.
 I did the entire bank building in white.  The old brick walls make it so easy to decorate(even though decorating does not come natural to me).  I kind of wanted to just move in once we had everything in its place. 
 I did manage to incorporate a wee bit of color.  This buffet is painted with a hand mixed shade of chalk paint.  I love the pear color!

 I adore this new dinnerware that we  got in.  It makes a table sing with sweetness!  I could just imagine a happy family in front of a cozy  fire eating dinner together.
On another note, we have exciting news.  We now have an art studio for our resident artist.  The Rusty Bucket will be opening soon for children's and adult art classes.  We are going to be making pottery, jewelry,chalkboards,paintings, and just about anything else that sounds like fun!  Check out our facebook at  The Rusty Bucket for more details.

Have a blessed evening with a cup of tea in front of a cracking fire(and if you have snow, think of me as it falls!)  
Dream it...Wish it...Do it


  1. Pale is my favorite color! The shop looks great!

    Can't wait to see you guys in Texas!


  2. Hey I am new here!!! found you via the ever lovely pinterest ;)
    Just curious if you made those lamps?? or where you got them? They are simply lovely!!!

  3. I found you off of Pinterest. What pretty things you have here!!! I LOVE that color of pear green you made of chalk paint. I'd LOVE to do my bedroom furniture in it. Would you let me know the colors in it? Antibes I have, and white, is that all, or did you mix in some Arles, too? Please tell! :)