Saturday, January 7, 2012

A new year and already behind

 I hope everyone had a very merry Christmas and a happy beginning to the new year!  I have certainly enjoyed my time with family.  We celebrated and ate and relaxed and let time stand still with those we cherish and love the most.
 Remember the Khoom Loy(wish lanterns) I told you I had ordered.  Well, they were magical indeed!  I ordered 25 and only had one malfunction and that malfunction was my own fault.  I let it go too close to a tall tree and it got caught in the very top of the tree.
 It was kinda funny.  It was our first lantern of the evening. My Mom and my family went out into the backyard.  We all gathered around and carefully followed the instructions(other than that small print that said; Do NOT light near trees.  and the writing really wasn't that small, I just can't see anymore)  So, I had everyone circle around in a serious ceremonious fashion and, with great wisdom ,I  proceeded to explain the history behind the worry/wish lanterns.  I suggested that we all place our greatest worries and wishes inside of this lantern and as we let it go to the heavens, we would, in turn, let all of these wishes and worries go straight up with it.  It was beautiful.  We all let the lantern go and stood in awe of its beauty and meaning.  It slowly floated above our heads as we stood in proud silence and then it happened... Our wishes and worries got stuck in a tree!  The tip top of a very dry pine tree slap full of giant pine cones.  Now imagine a giant thought bubble above my head that says, "CRAP!  I am going to have to go call the Boston Volunteer fire dept on Christmas Eve and tell them I have a flaming paper lantern stuck in a pine tree right beside my parent's home...ugh!"  
 Fortunately, the lantern just went out on its own and the tree did not catch on fire.  I think all of our wishes changed from deep and meaningful... to ... please, please, please don't catch the tree on fire.
Lesson learned!  The other 24 lanterns went flying off over a wide open field and joined the stars with great delight!  These lanterns are a magical way to spend an evening. I ordered mine from  They would make any day a special day and that is what life is all about. 

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  1. Oh I absolutely LOVE this idea! Thanks for the inspiration and your source for the lanterns! Just discovered your lovely blog and am so glad I did!