Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Annie Sloan paint giveaway and a New Year date!

Join me if you will...
I have a proposal for New Year's eve.

There is a wonderful tradition in Asian countries where they celebrate with wish lanterns. Khoom Loy as they are known in Thailand. These Wish Lanterns are often released with a prayer that one’s bad luck, sins or worries will float far away with the flight of the lantern.

What a glorious thought...
This New Year's Eve I am going to join with my loved ones(they don't know it yet) and we are going to release our Khoom Loy. God is so good and yet we are all troubled and burdened at times. The walk was never promised to be paved with rose petals. After all, every rose has a thorn or two. Releasing our burdens should be a daily joy and I believe that starting the new year by releasing our fears, hopes, troubles and joys to someone who knows how to handle them best is something to celebrate. Celebrate indeed!
I am certain that you could make your own(and I will research this for next year) but as for me, I ordered mine from wish lantern. Please join me and I would love to hear about your wishes for the upcoming year.

PS Dont forget to sign up for the Annie Sloan paint giveaway on the previous post!


  1. Greetings from Southern California.

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    Merry Christmas! :-)

  2. I love this's incredible to watch but it must be truly amazing to participate!