Sunday, December 11, 2011

a Victorian Holiday evening

Holy Smokes, it snowed in Thomasville! Not really, but the city of Thomasville hosted their 25th Victorian Christmas this past Thursday and Friday and this snow pit was part of the fun. I noticed lots of little ones having fun in this small hill of snow. It's something we rarely see around here(unless it's that soft kind that I blogged about recently!)
The city blocks off its main street and fills it with old fashioned Victorian splendor. These suits in a mens store window were made out of wrapping paper! Notice the jacket on the far left, all red bows. I had to stick my head in the store to give the seamstress a high five. These were incredible.

All of the businesses opened their doors and the restaurants brought their goodies onto the sidewalks. If you haven't been to Thomasville for dinner, you have really missed a treat. It has some of the best dining in the South. Liam's is divine, Jonah's has the best shrimp and grits, and grassroots coffee grinds it's own organic beans for a perfect cup o' joe.
This being said, we started our evening with a warm Chai tea latte(non fat ,of course, because we knew the evening held so many more calories!)
Next, chestnuts roasting on an open fire.

Followed by the always yummy roasted corn.
In between our food stops, we did lots of window shopping. This store filled it's windows with snow queens. I really, really want that costume. I could wear it around the store on Saturdays during the month of January.
Next, smoked turkey legs. Ooh, this was good. It was smoked by the Savannah Moon Bakery and served with an apple bourbon bbq sauce. It was a good thing that all of our chosen eateries were at opposing ends of the downtown so we could walk off all of the previously eaten calories before we found the next treat(if wishes were only fishes!)
Yep! You guessed it. More food. This time we found the cotton candy machine. Jay ate all of his but Lindsey and only ate enough to pose for the picture(you believe me, right?)
The evening was enchanting and we all had a ball. The bagpipers were piping, the dancers were dancing and this fellow was our most favorite of all. He had christmas lights that blinked running all through his beard and A MONOCLE! Anybody that wears a monocle is the bomb in my book.
I hope everyone out there has a holiday evening that fills your heart with Christmas cheer. See you back at the salt mines on Monday.

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