Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Life need an extra helping of sprinkles sometimes!

I hope everyone is simply having a splendiferous summer. Things are as crazy as always around Alice and Jay, some things just never change, ya know. Some things are good and some things are not so good but we try to choose to add an extra helping of sprinkles on top of each and every day. Nellie Pearl(my pink fiat) is certainly enjoying her days wishing smiles to passerby's

Jay has been busy as a bee in the workshop while I have been AWOL. He has been creating all kinds of lamps and chandeliers and planters and on and on and on. Yesterday we acquired an house full of yummy old pink, yellow, and green heart pine boards. As the fellow tearing down the house told me of that " nasty old pepto bismol pink wood" I am pretty sure I heard the heavens open and a small choir of gypsy angels sing! Good golly, I love me some old chippy pastel pink boards. I can already hear the saws a sawin'. We also scored a huge load of beautiful old porch columns. Good lawd, Jay is gonna be a busy fellow.

On a new and exciting note...

Can you spy my new addition? It's a grain bin! Woo hoo. I pray daily for the good Lord to give me refinement and taste in my latter years but I am pretty sure that the answer is always, " nope, not yet, sweetie pie. The world still needs a little Pippi long stocking. ". Speaking of which, I discovered(well, not really discovered, cause my best friend told me) I went through most of today with my shirt on inside out. June cleaver, how did you do it? So, back to the bin. Isn't it the most delightfully tacky thing you have seen today? I love it. We brought it back from my family farm over a month ago and it has sat in the parking lot with one ring down until all of the town folk started asking Jay how much the admission would be to our "red neck swimmin' hole". I thought that was a super idea but Jay was insulted, so low and behold, just a day or so later, we have a grain bin! (note to self for future projects that Jay doesn't really want to do). Now the fun begins...making her pretty. We haven't decided what to do with her yet. I want to add something that will enhance our little one horse town but I just am not sure what that is. Lemonade stand, milkshake shack, margaritas on main? I would love to have any ideas or suggestions from anyone, please! Think on it and share your thoughts with me.

Well, I have rambled too long. I hope you will stop in the next time you are by and share a smile with us. We will even pack up a few and send them home with you. Smiles are always free and plentiful at Alice and Jay.