Thursday, March 31, 2011

the stars tonight...

Two Texas jewels...bluebonnets and Kolaches.

We stop every morning at Hruska's bakery in Ellinger, Tx for a hot Kolache. If you ever pass through, you must stop for one...or two...or three...

Round Top antique week is spread along several miles of hwy 237.

Along the hwy are fields and cow pastures that are filled with great junk. Each field has its own dealers. Some have a dozen or so, some have hundreds.

I can't figure out if this is a store or a house but whatever it is, it is cute.

Two popular shopping spots are Excess and Clutter.

Tonight is the famous Junk Gypsy Prom. Cars started lining up early.

Everyone puts on their favorite vintage prom dress with cowboy boots, of course and gets ready to party underneath the Texas stars.

Those Gypsies really know how to throw a party!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

skunks and sold stickers

The favorite scene today was this little pink sticker. We had a super day and would like to thank all of our wonderful customers. You made our day!

I was able to walk around to a few more of my favorite booths today. This is Laurie Evans. Love her booth!

If you don't already know TOT, let me introduce you to Teresa of Time Worn Interiors. She has a so many great ideas and beautiful things.

The next few pictures are from French Vanilla.

Love this old chair frame with linen flowers!

You kind of have to just sit and absorb all of the creativity from their booth!

In.conjunction when a digger meets a peddler. Loved their things.

Now, I have a funny store about the power of suggestion. As we were traveling along the farm roads of Texas this morning, my Mom suddenly said, "ooh, do y'all smell that coffee?" Jay and I both agreed that there was a very strong(and very good,we thought)smell of fresh brewing coffee. We could not figure out how we could smell someone brewing coffee while we were riding down the 88 year old Dad(who had not been listening to us)said, "pee eww! Does anyone else smell that polecat?" We laughed all day about our skunk that we thought was a cup of coffee!

Monday, March 28, 2011

scenes from around the town

Today was our first day to sit back and relax a bit before the show starts tomorrow.
Here are a few more pictures from around Marburger.

Judy Hill always has a fabulous booth.

Her displays will blow you away with her originality. By the way, those are metal fly wheels that she is using for her chargers!

Her linens, slipcovers and pillows are some of my favorites. I would love to carry these in Alice and Jay. What do you think?

Sweet Pea always has a sweet booth!

This artist takes bottle caps, hammers them flat, then covers anything and everything. Not bad, eh?

Around the Bend willow furniture and mirrors are some of my favorites. This mirror really wants to come home with me. It kind of reminds me of my hair on most days.

These ingenious baby shoe mirrors are found at Rubbish with the sweet Mo.

She also has the best selection of vintage ribbons around. I always buy more than I need.

One day, I am going to buy one of Ludmil Marcov's wonderful birdhouses. I know that my Georgia birds would love a home like this.

Columns and more columns coming home to Sasser.
Chandeliers by the hundreds.
If you need a little inspiration or a LOT of inspiration, you need to come to Round Top. The supply is unlimited!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

tired in Texas

Here we are in Round Top, Texas. We have been so busy trying to set up our booth that we haven't had a chance to get out and shop.

These are a few pictures that I took from the truck on our way home yesterday. If you want it, chances are really good that you can find it here.

Miles and miles of fabulous junk.

Marburger Farms will open on Tuesday and everyone has been busy getting ready.
I love these birdhouses by Willow Nest.

look closely at Magnolia Pearl's angel of a centerpiece. The skirt is a birdcage for her cooing doves.

I still have Barney Fife(my Dad) on patrol for us.
We will soon have everything in place.
Alice and Jay
Marburger Farms
Booth H-8
Come and see us!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

a loaf of bread and a fish

Before I begin, let me say "thank you" for all of the kind comments about my Mother in Law. She is resting this week and we have a couple of weeks of a break in her treatment. In the meantime, We have been working 14 hour days to try and squeeze 2 months worth of work in to 5 days. This show is going to be a fish and bread one for us, we are going with a fish and a loaf of bread and praying for a miracle when we get there! We leave for Round Top, Texas tomorrow. It is one of our favorite shows and always a treat. We will be at Marburger Farms from March 28 till April 2. I will do my usual "blog along the way" if you care to join us. We hope to see you tomorrow!

The store will be closed March 26 and April 2. We will re open on April 9th with all of our new buys from Texas.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

apples of gold

Happy Saturday! It has been another long week here at Alice and Jay. The things in our lives and the order in which we prioritize them have changed a lot around here lately. My Mother in law went through her first week of chemotherapy this week. We were surrounded by loving and wonderful caregivers who deal with cancer patients for most of their time. This kind of living makes you think a little softer and a lot deeper.

There are so many wonderful phrases that are beautiful no matter what the culture or language. Such is this one that spoke so sweetly to me : putting Gold on the back of Buddha. Transliterated in Thai would be something like bpit torn lang pra. It means doing good deeds or acts of kindness without seeking attention or acknowledgment. I met so many kind volunteers and nurses this week that put their gold where it meant the most. Where do you put your gold? Difficult times make you think a little harder before you act.
Have a beautiful weekend and look for the hidden gems!

Information from Bao-Bao's Blog

Sunday, March 13, 2011

step one, step two...

These are the steps that I wish I took every afternoon to get home!
Hope your Sunday was full of blessings and the steps you take this week will be soft and easy.