Tuesday, March 8, 2011

one piece at a time

A couple of weeks ago, Jay and I were working our mouths as hard as they would
work out on the sidewalk with our neighbors A&B. While working tirelessly, a truck rolled by with a trailer
full of old metal parts and pieces destined for the scrap yard. Being the quick thinker
that I am, I yelled, "WOO EEH, look at that load of good stuff". Next thing I know, Jay is running down the street flagging the guy down. 3 hours later, we have a warehouse full of metal parts and pieces that we really didn't need. Two weeks later, when we have finally cleared a path in to the warehouse, we dug out an old bumper and a tailgate. A little bit of old heart pine wood from the last house we tore down and we have ourselves a spiffy little bench! I think it is more of a guy bench, but I like the way it turned out.


  1. The lookers better come early on Saturday, because I don't think that bench will be homeless for very long.

  2. I agree with Betty. Every guy in town (not sure how many there are of them in Sasser) will want that bench sitting in his yard. Asking price of at least $500.