Saturday, March 19, 2011

apples of gold

Happy Saturday! It has been another long week here at Alice and Jay. The things in our lives and the order in which we prioritize them have changed a lot around here lately. My Mother in law went through her first week of chemotherapy this week. We were surrounded by loving and wonderful caregivers who deal with cancer patients for most of their time. This kind of living makes you think a little softer and a lot deeper.

There are so many wonderful phrases that are beautiful no matter what the culture or language. Such is this one that spoke so sweetly to me : putting Gold on the back of Buddha. Transliterated in Thai would be something like bpit torn lang pra. It means doing good deeds or acts of kindness without seeking attention or acknowledgment. I met so many kind volunteers and nurses this week that put their gold where it meant the most. Where do you put your gold? Difficult times make you think a little harder before you act.
Have a beautiful weekend and look for the hidden gems!

Information from Bao-Bao's Blog


  1. Beautiful thoughts, and how great that your mother in law has such good care!

    I will be soon traveling down your way and wondered what days your shop is open--we would love to stop in! Thanks, Sassy

  2. thank you! thank you! We are traveling to Round Top next week so we will be closed until we get back. Anytime you are close by and want us to open, just give me an email and I will give you our cell number and we will gladly open for you. :)

  3. Beautiful post. It's wonderful to have angels that take such good care of us.

    Happy I found your blog.

  4. I hope that your Mother-in-Law shows the cancer who is boss! I will be sure to say a prayer for your family during this time...I've had several family members affected by's a terrible disease and I pray for a cure everyday!

  5. You always know just the right things to say! I am not a writer, so I'm always amazed at people who are talented in that way! Can't wait to see you!