Thursday, March 10, 2011

no elephants!

Ever had one of these days? We had one of these today. Running a store and a life at the same time is tough. As my Mama would say, "we've got too many irons(phonetically pronounced arns,where I come from) in our fire"! We are trying to run and fill the store, get ready for our big antique show in Texas at the end of the month, and take care of important family obligations. I should have seen this coming last night. Never watch a show on tv called, I shouldn't be Alive, or worst ways to die.... when you are melancholy! My daughter is going to Krueger National Park in Africa to work this summer and Animal Planet caught my eye when it mentioned Krueger. BAD CHOICE. It was a show on the park ranger that was mauled by a lioness while escorting visitors through the park. I no longer want her to go. Next, we buy a table saw. The smart man at Lowe's says, "Oh, there is no assembly required, just put piece 1 onto piece 2 and you are done." Never listen to smart men at Lowes. We have now put it together 3 times and by the way, there were 300 pieces, not 2. Thanks Lowes man! When you run a small business in a small rural town there seem to be people that crawl out of the woodwork to bring you these fabulous things they have found(pretty sure they found them in the dumpster). Today, every single one of them came around to dump their trash with us. I have a hard enough time saying the word no, but especially when it comes with a tragically sad story. Fortunately, I have heard these same stories over and over and "no" is getting easier. Yada, Yada, Yada and enough complaints for the day. Tomorrow will be a lovely day, I am certain of it!


  1. When everything gets to be too much, go find a bucket of paint, a paint brush, and some furniture! I know that will relax you, while getting a few more pieces ready for the store of Texas. Just remember that you are loved by many!

  2. Alice, you've been watching too much TV, your daughter will be fine in Africa, we'll send her angels to watch over her, take a deep breath, relax and think of beautiful things, you will feel better. I absolutely love the picture of the girl with the elephant, beautiful! Thank you for entering my giveaway!

  3. Well, I liked it soooo much that I printed it out and will frame it and put it in my boy's bedroom. Thank you!