Saturday, January 21, 2012

Pip is peachy!

 I ventured in to the big city(Atlanta) twice last week.  Once to say goodbye to one of the kindest and most generous persons that I have ever known and the other was to go to the mart(insert some loud and frightening music about now!).  I am a junk shopper not a real lady shopper and you want to talk about lady shopping overload, just go to the mart!  Thousands upon thousands(I swear it was millions but the handbook says not and my mama taught me not to swear)of choices.
 My heart starts pounding and my head actually hurts from all of the beautiful things that are available to choose from.  Ah, and in that lies the rub... to choose...Oh my gosh!  How on Earth do you other ladies decide what to order, what will people like, what will people actually BUY, how much should I order, am I ordering this just because it is pink and pretty(I have a weakness for pink and pretty).  The indecision makes me want to look for the classiest lady around and see if I can hire her to shop with me!  I felt like a kid in school trying to cheat on a test by looking at what everyone else had in their carts.  Needless to say, I ended up with a LOT of catalogs and a couple of orders.
 I did manage to totally fall in love with Pip Studios. 
The colors are bright and cheerful and make me want to have afternoon tea every single day! It would be such a shame if I ordered some of this happiness and no one else loved it like i do, darn, I would have to take it all home with me.  :)  Check out some of there wonderful lines at

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