Thursday, January 27, 2011

where are you Mary Poppins?

This is what we are doing today. Unlike Bert, Jay is not dancing and smiling while he is cleaning our smokestack!

We have a wood stove in one of our buildings that decided to clog up on Saturday. Now, not just clog up , but clog up after we had started a ROARING fire! We were the only store in town that had all of it's doors open with a fan blowing while it was 30 degrees outside. We had smoke coming out of every crack and crevice.

Mary Poppins, I know that you always had a way of serving that spoonful of sugar; We need a double dose today and please hurry!


  1. I thought I saw smoke signals coming from that way on Saturday ;) Hope everything is back to smelling fresh as daisies!

  2. So excited to come see yall tomorrow!!