Saturday, May 21, 2011

Wow, we are tired!

Just ignore my horrible hair(this was at the end of a very long day) and look who I met today. This is THE Miss Mustard Seed . She is famous in the world of gals who junk, paint, antique, and blog! She is so nice and she had her parents helping her today. It made me miss my parents. They usually come along to these shows but they are going to Ohio with us in a couple of weeks so they sat out this one out. Check out her blog and look at all of her wonderful ideas.
Rewind to 9:30 am and look at the line waiting to get in. This is just what you want to see after all of the work yesterday. The great folks at Luckett's do a super job making this a show you are willing to drive 800 miles to participate in.

We got up and out at 6 am but we were still hurrying to get things out by 10.

Some things you kind of just feel sad when you sell and this watermelon sign was one for me. I really liked it and it sold early.

These beautiful beds went to a happy new home but I really hated to see them go too.
Everything in this picture was also adopted. I like to think of my treasures as being moved from one happy loving home to another, perhaps they will live happily ever after in that same spot or maybe they will be loved for a while and then passed on to bring joy to someone else. Lots of times, I tell my customers that some things have to go home with me for me to "love on" for a while, then I will bring them back to pass the happiness on.

We had a fantastic day. The weather was perfect and it was definitely "time to sparkle" until about 4:30. All we wanted was a hot bath and a Hampton Inn bed, no more sparkling until tomorrow. Goodnight, my friends!


  1. Hi! Looks like a great show! And meeting Miss Mustard cool! You had a lot of awesome things! I have been toying with the idea of doing a couple of shows a year myself. We'll see. Glad it went well for you!
    Have a great Sunday!
    Sounds like it's time to rest!

  2. LOVED LOVED LOVED your booth!!!! I wanted to take everything home with me!! amazing <3

  3. Looks like all of you are having fun! Have a safe trip home.