Saturday, May 29, 2010

Happy day Saturday

A peek at the work of my busy little hornets tops my happiness this Saturday. Every time I leave the store and come back, I find a wonderful new nest hanging from our tree. Can't wait till they finish!
Next on the list of things that made our week a little happier....
Things that go round and round and curl upside down....
and just make life a little less straight and a lot more fun.
Now, who wouldn't be happy in a bathtub sofa. This our newest one, we sold the chaise lounge tub in Virginia!
And to finish the list this week... Things that look like they were well loved and passed on to you to love some more, Magnolia Pearl ruffles and pleats, and road trips(big one this week! Going to Indiana and Ohio). We hope that your week was sprinkled with lots of happiness and the new one brings even more. Happy day!


  1. Gimme one of those bathtub sofas! Somehow, I think it would leave me feeling very clean after a good sit.

  2. I wish Jesse and I were going on the trip with you this week! We will be with you on the Brimfield trip.

  3. Where were you in Indiana? I live in LaPorte - lots of antiquing in our area - prices not to bad, either!