Tuesday, June 1, 2010

GPS - gettin' people stranded!

Does anyone else in America have a GPS that routinely gets them lost? And not only lost, but lost in the worst of situations. Today we found the ghetto section of Louisville, KY thanks to our GPS. We put in the exact address and when we were "arriving at destination" guess what?? we were in the middle of a back road on a one way street at an abandoned building. NOT FUN! GPS = getting people stranded, getting people screwed, getting people scared, ..... Lesson learned-there is nothing better than a good old fashioned ATLAS! Once we calmed Jay down a bit, we found our way back to the Interstate and ended up going through Cincinnati. Poor Jay, this may have been worse than being lost in Louisville. We did get to make a few stops today and found a handful of new and unusual treasures. Great ironstone, fun antique concrete planters, an apple butter copper pot, the best old green cupboard and lots more!
love this building in downtown Cincinnati. It looks like a giant apostrophe from the side.
Wouldn't this be a fun place to rent a room?
And as always, we have FIFE on patrol! My Dad is the best! He patrols the trailer while we fill it up and he always manages to make a friend or two. We will let you know what tomorrow brings.


  1. Girl you were only about 35 miles from me! I know parts of Louisville are pretty scary! Should have called maybe we could have met somewhere! We only live a couple miles off I-65!
    And yes our GPS gets us lost all the time! Tell you to turn right go one block and turn completey around, why didn't it tell you to turn left to start with?? But they are very helpful sometimes!


  2. When house hunting, the GPS had us go in a circle about 5 times before we realized what we had done.

  3. Two years ago, we used the GPS to find a certain Christmas Tree farm. It insisted we TURN HERE....here being through a ditch, barbed wire fence, and into a cow pasture....

    Last year, Jeremy and I went to the mountains for a get-a-way and decided to go up to Brasstown Bald since he had never been. We used the GPS again, and while it did take us up the mountain, it tried taking us up the WRONG side - the paved road turned to gravel which turned to dirt which turned into a walking path, at best. We kept traveling as far as we could just for laughs, but finally reached a point where we would have had to continue on foot on someone's private property, so we turned around. :)