Sunday, June 27, 2010

Happy Saturday on Sunday! Today we took off for the Flint River to look for rocks for our new project. We didn't come back with any rocks but I did come back with an adventure tucked in my back pocket.
So... I am going to combine my Happy Saturday with an Adventure Sunday. These flowers are sure to make you giggle. Maypops are one of my favorite flowers. They look like something that came straight from the Wonka candy factory.
We found so many turtle eggs. Sadly, a raccoon had dug these up and Jay said that we would not be able to save them. Fact: If you turn a turtle egg within the first 24 hours after it is laid, the embryo will drown. The happy side of this story is that the river was full of turtles.

Can you see the egg in the water?
We walked on these mussel beds. They made a happy crunch beneath your feet. (it was just the empty shells. No mussels were harmed in this walk.)
Look at the roots of this beautiful cypress tree. Isn't Mother Nature simply magical! We will be going back to look for more rocks on Tuesday. Happy, happy, happy.

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