Friday, June 4, 2010

beating them off with a stick

We are back in Georgia and low and behold if it isn't still HOT. It was a great trip but it always feels so good to get back home. Now, I am sure that everyone knows our security guard, FIFE(some people call him Spence) by now. He is my Dad and he is 87 years young. He is the best part of our trips and we love having go with us. He is so easy going and willing to do anything we decide to do. He always makes friends along the way and this trip was no exception. This time we had to beat the ladies off with a stick! Every time we turned around he had another lady making googly eyes. All the ladies making googly eyes and my Mom rolling her eyes! We tried to get him to share his secret but he just gives us that sweet little grin and giggles. I came home with a BIG black book full of ladies phone numbers and addresses waiting to meet up with Spence on our next adventure.


  1. I love him, too! And we can't keep Charkee away from him when we're all at the camphouse.

  2. How could you resist a face like that......