Sunday, June 20, 2010

Saturday just comes too quick!

I simply can't keep up with my list of happy happenings on Saturday. I make a blog and it seems like I turn around and it is Saturday again. Last week was NOT happy so I failed to post a "not so happy Saturday" blog. Back in April, I traveled to Italy and near the end of my trip I developed a incredible pain in my cheek that I attributed to volcanic ash sinus trouble. After numerous x-rays and lots of money with the doctor(all coming back clear) I decided to try the dentist for the second time. Turns out that I had a wisdom tooth that secretly pushed the neighboring nerve so hard that it died...and then abscessed...and really hurt. None of this showed up on any x-ray and I found myself begging the endodontist to just remove all of my teeth. Surely one of them was the culprit and dentures HAD to better than living with this pain. Lucky for me, we decided to drill the right tooth and 1 hour later I had a root canal! All of this led to a NOT so happy Saturday. As time heals all wounds, I am back this weekend feeling much better and full of happiness.

1. The itch has hit to travel again and the thought of time spent with my favorite travel companions makes me so happy. Hoping for the Elvis suite again.

2. pain killers

3. Mimosa trees. These trees get all covered with the best pink puff balls and just make me smile.

4. bluebirds. My bluebird family is back in the house and working on a new family for the summer.

5. fireflies. Fireflies are everywhere this year. They just light up my life.

6. My Dad. Thanks for being the Best.

7. People with a sense of humor. It just makes life so much more fun.

see ya soon.


  1. Your dad is always putting a smile on my face when I see him at church on Sundays.

  2. I'm so glad you didn't have to get dentures!

  3. I just got a blog last night and still trying to figure out how to make it work.

  4. And we thought the Elvis Suite with the fabric walls was the reason you weren't feeling well. Too much wisdom can rattle one's nerve(s), it appears. Glad to hear you are feeling better. I bet those Georgia Dogs would love a visit with your endodontist.

  5. Poor Alice! Glad to know you are better now! That teeth stuff can be awful! Are you guys getting ready for Brimfield? Not long now!