Tuesday, May 18, 2010

proud mama and Oscar

Like all proud Mothers, I am going to brag a little on my new baby. This is Oscar. Oscar flew out of his nest yesterday and played in the garden all day. His bird parents and his big funny looking Mother watched him carefully all day. We had to shoo away cats and birds and customers all afternoon!! It was such a busy day. I reluctantly had to leave him last night but am happy to report that Oscar is happily playing in the garden again today.
He is such a handsome little bird. I read that Redbirds usually live their lives within a mile of where they are born so I don't have to worry about him graduating from high school and moving away from home! He is here to stay. My only concern is that he doesn't seem to have a tail yet. I tried to google up some info on cardinal tails but there just wasn't anything out there! odd! Does anyone know if baby cardinals are born with tiny tails or is my Oscar just missing his? Please let me know. Until tomorrow, I'll be in the garden!

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  1. FYI: All proper redbirds buy their tails at Neiman-Marcus. None of that Dillard stuff!