Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Saturday Happiness Project 2010

While traveling in Venice, we had the opportunity to take a boat that passed by the massive dam project (MOSES) that is under construction in an effort to save sinking Venice. This got me to thinking.... Alice and Jay need a project to save our attitudes when we have days that kinda make us start to sink! I have decided to name our project the Saturday Happiness Project. Every Saturday, we will reflect on the week and try to name all of the things that have brought happiness to our little corner of the world. Here goes....
This picture! Eileen snapped this photo of me at the Trevi Fountain in Rome. I am actually drinking the water but it looks like I had a little post nasal drip! This has got to be the happiest photo of the year. Moving on.... Mama and Daddy bluebirds faithfully tending their young, Mom and Dad redbirds patiently sitting on eggs, plastic pink flamingos, our favorite customers who always make us feel special (Especially you, Collins!), Our sweet CB who thought that the birdbath was his own little cement pond, all of our Mothers, mean people who act like children and just make themselves look STOOPID, friends who let us vent our frustrations, sweet smelling flowers, mosquito spray, and Pee Wee Herman(now,I know that he has his faults, but I loved the Pee Wee Herman Show and his big adventures. They were always good for a quick smile and a lot of imagination.

Gee Whiz, that was easy! I had to force myself to stop! I have to save a few things for next week(in case it stinks). I hope that the rest of your weekend is delightful and you can bask in the happiness that surrounds us all. Happy day to all.


  1. After a wonderful weekend at the beach and then reading this blog, I am all smiles!

  2. I love Pee-Wee too! I even had the talking Pee-Wee Herman doll. I wish I still had your blog!