Tuesday, June 7, 2011

let us remodel while it is 105 degrees

What do smart shopkeepers do when it is 105 degrees outside? They decide to remodel!
The end building has been emptied out and everything piled in our other building. Now, we have 3 days to clean, paint, and fill this back up before Saturday. Hmm, are we smart shopkeepers or stupid shopkeepers? I thought I would give you a before and hopefully we will have an after by Friday night.
In the meantime, we rearranged our mall booth in Thomasville yesterday. I think I may really love this mall booth concept-take your things, make them look pretty, then leave everything else to someone else and just pick up a check at the end of the month. Wonder why we didn't think of this before? PS Thomasville is a wonderful city and if you are ever in town you should check out all of the wonderful downtown shops. While you are there, be sure to catch lunch at either Jonah's or Liam's, I promise you will be happy.
Oops! I wonder how this picture got in here! Have you ever seen 2 little babies any cuter? I guess I better go get busy painting.


  1. You're just like me. I decided to re-do the entire front yard while I was on "vacation" last week, while it was 98 degrees outside. And, I'm wholeheartedly with you on the booth/mall thang. It's soooo worth it for me to pay the rent, and then collect the check! Face-to-face selling is NOT my favorite. Except for customers like you and Jay. People that "get" me always rock my world.....

  2. Good luck with the remodeling, can't wait to see the after pictures. The booth at Thomasville is gorgeous! And the kitties are very cute!
    Hope you're having a good day!
    XXX Ido