Tuesday, June 21, 2011

chicken feet or duck intestines?

Today we started out at Chelsea Market. I was kinda hoping to see Rachael Ray or Bobby Flay
but since I didn't see anybody, I just decided to host my own show. This is me practicing for the show.

Jay, this picture is for you. We have to connect our 3 buildings in Sasser and I really like the way this looks. Could you do ours like this?

Next stop...The Brooklyn Bridge

After walking the bridge we decided to go to Chinatown for lunch.

Unless you really like the smell of fish and lots of other unknown odors, I would suggest the Golden Buddha restaurant over in SoHo. Our lunch was good but we chose the safe menu items. They offered duck intestines, chicken feet, lots of frog dishes, pig foot soup....we opted for the rice dishes.

The meats were not appetizing to photograph but the fruits were just yummy!

These dried fish were popular with the locals! When we decided that our noses had been satiated with all of the chinatown they could take, we decided to go to Little Italy. On our walk there, we had our most exciting New York moment- A POLICE RAID! A VEGETABLE police raid! We figured they were selling black market veggies on the side of the street cause the police had the garbage truck there and they were all throwing crate after crate of veggies in the trash! Who would have guessed that we would walk up on a veggie raid in Chinatown! I'll let you know if we see any more info on this exciting raid.

Little Italy smelled a bit better but we were tired by now. A NYC yellow taxi is a beautiful thing when your feet have walked 2 miles too far.
When we got back to our hotel, the maid was cleaning the room next door. Look at the name on the cart! It's me! I am Alice D! We are going to a comedy club tonight and then tomorrow we are going to spend the day with my fabulous niece. My baby leaves for Africa on Thursday morning so I would appreciate all of the positive energy anyone could send my way! Nervous doesn't even begin to describe me!


  1. I believe you are having toooo much fun.... is that even possible?


  2. I'm just imagining what the "meats" encompassed and looked like... *winks* Is it wrong that the ONE thing I'm now focused upon is the only thing you didn't photograph and got me intrigued about?! *LOL*

    Dawn... The Bohemian