Sunday, June 5, 2011

ain't life grand!

Isn't it great.
Sometimes it gives you thorns and poop and things not lovely
Turn around and you have roses and kittens and all things lovely

Today, as I spent the better part of it with two little kittens perched upon my belly(thank Goodness for all of that extra cushion, I knew it would come in handy) I pondered(fortunately for you, my pond isn't too deep for pondering) the wonder of life and the wisdom from above. Isn't it funny how sometimes we get so busy looking at the roses that we forget about the thorns until we get stuck and bleed ;then in turn, when we have been stuck so much that we simply lay our head down, we suddenly see the roses. The last few months of my life have been way too filled with death and cancer and sickness and shows and deadlines... All I could feel was the sting of those thorns. Last week, I was graciously given a gift. A gift that I thought I didn't want. I truly believe that all things happen for a reason and when I saw that Mama cat and her two babies, I knew in my heart that I was somehow going to end up with them. I know how much time baby animals consume and I simply thought that I was too busy. Too busy being busy. Sometimes life doesn't give you a choice and you take what comes your way. Two baby kittens came my way and forced me to slow down and listen to the purr of pure bliss. I know it all probably all sounds silly but tonight, as I plan out my week, I plan it with a renewed spirit because I was forced to stop, lay down, rest, and look up at all of the wondrous roses blooming above my head. Life. Ain't it great!
(I warned you about my pond! It is a little muddy and has lots of lily pads cluttering it up. So, if none of this made any sense, just chalk it up to that blonde haired, South Georgia, self proclaimed Pippi Longstocking, Amelia Bedelia, clueless shopkeeper named Alice)
Have a wonderful evening and I hope you start the new week with a twinkle in your eye and sparkle in your heart.

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