Tuesday, June 14, 2011

inspiration-not sure

Old heart pine is a beautiful thing...especially when it has lots of layers of great old paint. This is our table that we made today. Not quite as cartoonish but a little quirky none the less. We used these boards that came from a pre-civil war victorian home that we salvaged a couple of years ago. These boards had been in the kitchen pantry.
the legs.... I must have a leg thing this week. I have had fun trying out all kinds of new ideas. Jay does not like them quite as much as me. Apparently it is lots easier to cut these curves out of cardboard(for my pattern, that is my job) than heart pine.
Another day, another Hardee's biscuit and another cool table! I wonder what we could make tomorrow?

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  1. When you're inspired, you are inspired, loving all those tables!
    XXX Ido