Tuesday, April 26, 2011

shopping is fun!

we shopped and shopped and then shopped some more today.
I can't decide whether to leave these as columns or make lamps?

I have enough antique iron to fence the whole town of Sasser.

love these column bases

Antique chinese balusters. We shopped till we dropped, loaded our trailer and will be at the Amish auction first thing in the morning to finish filling our trailer! We have driven 800 miles in 2 days. We bought a new truck about a month ago and already have almost 8000 miles on it!! We SURE do wish the gas prices would go down. See you all tomorrow. Happy Birthday to my sweet baby! I love you.


  1. Great stuff! We wish fuel prices would go down as well!

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  3. Ah...you can use the antique iron and create a little doggie park! I know four small four-legged creatures that would love to run and play in it.

  4. Love those columns, can I come shopping with you?
    XXX Ido