Saturday, April 16, 2011

perfectly imperfect

It has been far too long, hasn't it! Every day I sit down to blog and no words or thoughts would come. I guess that means I needed a rest. Time to find a good book and cuddle up for a while.

"After Laura and Mary had washed and wiped the dishes, swept the floor, made their bed, and dusted they settled down with their books. But the house was so cozy and pretty that Laura kept looking up at it." Laura Ingalls Wilder

Did everyone love reading those books as much as I did? I thought it must have been the most delightful place to grow up. I could just imagine their cozy little home. Don't you just love it when a house is perfectly imperfect.
photos from tiny white daisies
A fluffy sofa with thick cushions and a cat and a dog just waiting to have a nap with you. Lots of books hanging around in easy to reach places. A good window to sit and daydream from. A cookie jar sitting on the kitchen counter full of homemade goodies. A back screen door that is always unlocked and eagerly anticipating the next friend to stop in for a visit. A practically perfect delightfully imperfect home!

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