Tuesday, April 19, 2011


For the past 2 years in the month of April, I have been blessed to spend a few glorious weeks in Italy. The city of Rome is so full of history I do not think you could ever take it all in(although I would love to try). During this week my mind has drifted back to Rome and back to the Appian Way. My best traveling buddies and I were able to walk along cobblestone roadway that was the first paved road of humanity.
Along this roadway is the site where St. Peter had a vision of Jesus and asked him, "Domine, qou vadis? Lord, where shall I go?" The apostle Paul walked the giant stones on his way to the Rome. Thousands were crucified along this path. It's history is almost overwhelming as you stand upon its stones. The depth of what I felt-there are no words.
The depth of our history, the depth of what has come before us to pave the way to our own Eternal City.

I hope that every one of you has a blessed Easter week and the depth of a single sacrifice seeps deep into your soul and gives you a joy for which there are no words.


  1. I hope you and Jay and both of your families have a blessed Easter week, also!

  2. How touching. Happy Easter!
    XXX Ido