Friday, April 22, 2011

a pastel chocolate covered Easter wish for you!

I can't seem to get past the bird egg blue thing. I found these perfect pale blue chairs and put them with the picnic table without the scalloped edge.

I love the way it makes the same basic table from yesterday look completely different. I still think the background (rolling hills, etc...) needs to be the same but maybe with a "french" style picnic lunch! PS Sorry about my photography, I usually have about 5 minutes to try and take pictures and there is always something or someone in the background!!Ugh.

On to Easter. My children are coming home for the weekend and I am so excited! When I was a little girl, we always made nests for the Easter bunny to leave us a chocolate goodie. The nest were usually made from pine straw and grass and shaped into a LARGE nest which we usually liked to place in the center of a big clump of liriope. Once we had the nest fashioned just so(nests are really hard to make if you have never tried it! You will have a new respect for our thumb-less bird friends if you ever try to build one) then the fun begins. We would gather as many flowers as we could find and decorate the edges of our nest with a floral fantasy. I still have the most fantastic images of these nests in my head. I thought they were splendiferous! I passed this tradition on to my children. We have had many wonderful nests in the last 23 years, one year we spent Easter at the beach and used shells and beach moss! Tomorrow, even though they are 23 and 20, we are going to build Easter nests to see if the Easter bunny will pass our way. Another side note-one year when I guess I was too old for the bunny, I made a secret nest...guess what... no chocolate! I was devastated. Maybe that is why I still have baskets for my grown children :) Anyhoo, I am SO excited about having my girls at home and I can't wait to see how our nests turn out and what that good ol' Easter bunny fills them with!
We, at Alice and Jay, wish you the most blessed and pastel colored chocolate filled Easter ever! We will be traveling to Michigan next week to buy for the store. I will blog along the way so I hope can follow along with us.


  1. Lovely! It is so pretty.... Robin's Egg Blue makes me feel happy.

  2. I remember how upset I was when Jimmy wanted the Easter Bunny to put baskets inside the house. Apparently, the city kids didn't know about building a nest.