Tuesday, February 15, 2011

working in the garden

With the warm sunshine to inspire us, we decided to work in our garden area on Sunday and Monday.
Somehow my good ideas always end up being lots more work than I anticipate.

First we had to take everything out of the garden. This ended up taking all of Sunday afternoon. Then I had to trim the overgrown shrubbery and stuff that I have ignored this long cold winter.

I had to get my trees ready for all of the baby birds I am hoping for. Last spring, I closed the garden down for a week while my little baby cardinal learned to fly. Maybe, either he or his parents ,will come back this year! I also hung lots of bird houses for my bluebirds. They make me so happy.

Once we had it all empty and clean, we ordered 8 tons of river rock. I thought Jay was crazy for thinking we would need that much but guess what....we didn't have enough! Figures!!

So, if you pass through Sasser this Saturday, stop in and get a sandwich lunch at Sassie Britches, then come on over and find a shady spot and have a picnic. Who knows, we may even join you!

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  1. Beautiful photos! Spring just can't come fast enough here in NW Indiana - can't wait to see more new things I planted last year!