Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Today we have packed a bag again and will be traveling . This time we will only be going to 2 states! Keeping a store full of new and different things is a full time job. Thankfully, we love to travel and try to look at each trip as a new adventure. I WISH that I was traveling somewhere like this.

I love the beach. Our store is filled with mermaids and flamingos and anything that reminds me of the beach. I especially love the beach in the winter and spring.

I have a little shack by the sea. It is not anything like these beautiful pictures but it is perfect to me. It is tiny and old and if you conjure up an image of a 60's beach shack, that is it! It is the best place to eat oysters, sit on the porch and watch the dolphins swim by the sunset, and just do nothing.

Will you set sail on an adventure today or simply do nothing? They both sound delightful, don't they!

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  1. A boat swing bed ... I would love to have one of those!