Thursday, February 24, 2011

looking for a ghost

Charleston is as lovely as I remember.
It has been 20 years since I strolled my baby down these streets.
Time flies but the memories are sweet.

Our hotel is in this historic building. It was originally built in
1758 as a fort for the city. The four corners of the building were guarded by
bastions which had cannons mounted to protect the city. In 1842 it became the
military school known as The Citadel. During the Civil War, the
building was occupied by Federal troops and partially burned. All this being said,
I am hoping to see a ghost. Surely with all of that history, there has to
be some spirits floating around.

I can never get enough of these old earthquakes bars. They are just little stars
of history quietly waiting to be noticed.

As I walked around this afternoon, the church bells sang songs of happiness
and the palmetto trees whispered softly in my ear.

A road I traveled so many moons ago, but still so familiar and
precious to my heart. I'll be back tomorrow with more of my
walking tour. I plan to travel lightly tomorrow. Taking pictures with hand fulls of
junk is not an easy task.


  1. What a beautiful city! I hope all the ghosts you meet are pleasant beings that whisper "Boo!" in your ear.

  2. I love your photos! My first visit to Charleston was this past October. I thought it was one stunning jewel of a city!