Thursday, November 3, 2011

is it christmas yet?

I am still working on making the store festive. I have a good start with candy necklace colored trees and goodies.

I love a white tree but have never found one that had the shape I liked so; we bought a post, painted it white and drilled holes where I wanted the branches to fall, then just put the inexpensive Target white tree branches in and it was perfect. I kind of like it without any decorations. I may not even decorate it! Although, I can just imagine it full of candy colored baubles and bows.
I had so much fun with the candy colors that I had to do another table.

We have some really fun and unusual Christmas cards. How many Christmas squirrels have you seen?

This is a new cupboard that I painted in Old White and lightly distressed. A perfect little piece for a lovely cottage.

I had another one of those dressers that needed help. I was going to paint it until I started sanding it and found this wonderful blue up under the brown. Now, it has baskets on the bottom shelf for storage and a nifty chalkboard for more of those love notes.

Glitter, glitter everywhere! Have a sparkly evening.


  1. Love the squirrels! Are they brown or purple? They look purple on my monitor.
    Hope you are feeling better!

  2. Hey guys! I featured your shop on my blog today! Hope you don't mind, I am way behind on my blogging, so all the pics are from Halloween! Hope y'all like this post as much as I love yalls shop! Probably see y'all this weekend! We just moved so I need lots of cute stuff :) xx, Katie

  3. If ever I am down for a few minutes, I just go to your blog and listen to the music for a few minutes and I am good as new. Love your stuff, great Christmas tress.......Happy Christmas