Thursday, November 17, 2011

officially obsessed

SO....I have a new obsession... Pinterest
LinkHas anyone else out there discovered this wonderland of ideas?

The beautiful images go on forever and you find yourself immersed for hours(or at least I do since I have I have already watched every family moving overseas be an international house hunter and I am kinda tired of house hunting!)

It is like therapy for your eyes.

Check out my boards at alice durham, follow me and then I will follow you. It is a really neat way of getting to know your blog friends a little better by watching them create boards that visually express the world that they live in.

But be is habit forming!
(All of these lovely photos can be found on my "dreams in pink" board and credits for the photos are given.)


  1. I thought I was on it, but it wouldn't let me log in. I have requested now three times to be added! Not sure what else to do?!

  2. send me your email and I will invite you! you can send it to

  3. Oh yes, Pinterest, I AM your b!t@h!

  4. I had the same problem that lifespassion had!She has to belong to facebook before it will work! I have a face book and I still have problems getting on! Drives me crazy!

    Do you guys want to do a show in Nashville, Feb. 2-4. The Tailgate show is hosting a Bloggers sections for the show called The Vintage Market Place. You can blog about it to get discounts on your booth rent. Visit my blog for info. I you are interested let me know and I will send you an app.


  5. Alice, I am told to not pick up the computer any more, because I have wasted many days off on pinterst!

  6. Vous avez un joli blog , j ai vraiment fais une très jolie balade. J y reviendrai avec plaisir


  7. I recently stumbled upon your blog and have found it to be a wonderful place to spend my time. With this, I have a new love for Pinterest as well. Could you please send me an invite for the site? I would truly appreciate it. My email address is Thank you!