Friday, November 18, 2011

how to have a magical weekend.

My family had another fairytale weekend back in October. My beautiful niece was married in my hometown.

Remember this magical little church from a few months ago. We had another wedding here a few months back. In fact, it was this sweet bride's sister!

This is the church where I grew up. Isn't it lovely! We celebrated it's 175th birthday last weekend.

Back to that weekend! It HAD to start with Happy Feet! All of us gals have made it a Hallman tradition to begin a wedding weekend with pedicures. I wouldn't mind putting one in the middle and at the end too.

This precious little gal was the best flower girl ever! She loved her flower petals SOooo much....

that she wanted to keep them all in the basket for herself. Now, she wasn't being selfish because she went around and offered everyone a petal to admire and after ample admiration time, she would ask for her petal back. I love this girl.

Because the wedding was in October, we decided to use sunflowers and pumpkins to decorate. I had the bride and a couple of her bridesmaids gutting out pumpkins after that pedicure. They look like they are having so much fun.

After the gutting, we filled them with floral foam and then golden flowers from the local flower patch.

They turned out pretty nice for none of us to be florist!

It was a magical weekend indeed. Thanks for being my family, I love you all!


  1. Gorgeous! What great centerpieces & a great church!

  2. Alice
    Thank you for making our weeding a fairytale. You looked into my crazy head and pulled out all the images I have ever thought of. Love you all!!