Friday, August 6, 2010

Wanted: Gypsies and Junk

Is anybody else hot out there? This weather is quite the creativity killer in Sasser. It is just too hot to think, much less, do, unless the task at hand involves water. As I was trying to find things that needed the water hose, my sweet little trailer caught the corner of my eye. Out she came and has now had a cool bath inside and out. I think I caught her smiling when she thought we weren't looking. On to the fun part...I have see if I can figure out what her name is. She has one, I am certain, but she just hasn't told me what it is yet. Gracie, Cooter,Lucille, Phyllis, Jewel, or Josephine???? I will let you know when I find out! What color would she like to be painted? turquoise or pink? I am thinking turquoise. What is her personality? Is she graceful and gracious or....
a party on wheels?
This is a party on wheels! I hope to have her painted in few weeks and would love any input. Are there any vintage camper trailer psychics out there or just anyone who gets my fun and want to be a part of this rescue mission? I promise that we will have fun! Google up the Sisters on the Fly if you have a chance and get back with me if you want to start a gypsy junkin' jaunt with Alice and Jay!


  1. We want a vintage camper sooo bad. I'm envious. Any idea where to look for one?

  2. I have been threatening to buy a trailer like that for about 8 years..... tried to buy luck yet. Sisters on the Fly were in Fredericksburg while I was selling down there..... OH MY!!! It was wonderful and such a fun group!!!

  3. I love your playlist! Very appropriate! I love Cher; especially this song.