Saturday, August 7, 2010

one plus one

Take one old small desk, add 4 bun feet and a cute piece of scrap from a chest of drawers, and poof... you end up with a cute four poster bed for your very best friend. I saw one of these on junk bonanza and decided to try it myself. It turned out oh so cute. I know that Janey(our store cat) is going to LOVE this bed!
Now, about the heat. Apparently 105 degrees on hot asphalt is NOT hot enough to fry an egg.
I tried it and all that I got was a mess in our parking lot.


  1. I always wander about the egg frying thing myself! To funny!

  2. I know two little black girls (the 4-legged ones) that would love to have a bed like that!

  3. Olive is so upset that her Meemo didn't make her a bed like that!!