Friday, July 23, 2010

what feeds your soul?

What feeds your soul? As I watered my garden this morning and pondered my usually wayward thoughts, I noticed the dewdrops on all of the flowers. Each little droplet appeared as heavenly as I what I imagine the nectar of God to be. Dew....what a neat idea.
I was then so excited that my four o' clocks were blooming and covered in dew that I almost missed this fascinating wee creature. Aren't insects great. They are covered in stripes and polka dots and all things fun. Bugs....what a neat idea!
Easily distracted, the buzz of the bumblebees in my trees caught my eye. They were everywhere. Busy as bees collecting pollen and storing it in these incredible pouches on the sides of their legs. Bumblebee...the word just rolls off the tongue in such a fun way. Bees...what a neat idea!
These morning glories are my pride and joy. They are blue in the morning and purple by late afternoon. The color alone can make your day happy! This particular flower had a moth down inside of it. Can you see the tip of its wing? I couldn't convince this fellow to come out for the life of me. I suppose if I had a spot as enticing as this flower, I would never come out either.
Nature...what a neat idea. So, what fed my soul on this day? The teeniest, tiniest details of our world that are so easy to miss. The 'almost invisible' souls that work endlessly to fill our lives with beauty. They are easy to overlook but without them, my world would be so...gray! Today, I promise to slow down and pay attention to the forgotten. The bugs, the bees, the dewdrops, the homeless, the widows, the sad, and the ones who fall in between the flowers that are so easily missed because of the ones who shine a little brighter.

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  1. Hey girl! We missed you Brimfield! Hope everything is OK!