Monday, July 19, 2010

a shout out for Jesse

We're back and I'll bet you didn't even know that we were gone! We were supposed to be in Massachusetts this past week but because of a few unforeseen events, we were not able to go. We had planned the trip for Betty and Jesse but since we couldn't make it to Brimfield we decided to make a trip to Michigan instead. We packed the truck with a few bags , a lot of good intentions, and hit the highway.

We hit every Antique mall and store from Sasser, Ga to Sturgis, Michigan. While Jesse was on the hunt for cool knives, Jay and I were in pursuit of the odd and unusual. These fab candy cane sticks are going to make fun North Pole markers for the store this Christmas.
Jay was our chauffeur while Jesse was in the charge of the GPS. Of course, Betty and I were the best darn back seat drivers that these two guys had ever met!

On to the odd and curious.... I am pretty sure that these are some sort of secret space modulators hidden in the back roads of Alabama. Odd, but not as odd as this....
This GIANT fish head was up for auction. Unfortunately, I was NOT the high bidder and this curiosity went home with someone else. I did manage to snag a bunch of HUGE red plastic arrows, a turquoise marlin, a cool canoe, a spooky witch cauldron, a lot of sweet antique rosaries. To top off our adventure, we were able to walk through this awesome redwood tree house. I think I may have some sort of spiritual connection to this oddity because it just keep popping up at different places that I go. Maybe I used to be a bird and this was my tree?? Hmmm, who knows?

Thank you Jesse and Betty for joining us on our adventure. We had so much fun playing long games of cards, smoking candy cigarettes, annoying Jay, and eating way too many fried pies. Let's do it again real soon. xoxoxo

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  1. We had fun and Jesse told Granddaddy that he would go again!