Friday, July 30, 2010

Lunch today was so delicious. This was Lindsey's taco five ways. Muy Bueno.
These are a few more pictures from yesterday. The Mayans enjoyed a good human sacrifice. The head was taken and covered in rubber to make a ball. They would then play a ball game with it to try and please the Gods. This was a monument built to honor the slain.
The jungle road on the way to Chichen Itza is dotted with these little towns.
We were baking in the sun when this rain cloud came through and cooled us off!

Betty, here is Terry. He is having a BLAST! Can you tell? Gotta go grab a pina colada down by the pool....


  1. I missed this post, now I know where Terry is.

  2. If I had read everything last night, instead of just looking at the pictures - I would have not made the previous post. I hope he doesn't cool of with too many pina coladas.