Friday, April 16, 2010

a volcano!

I knew it! I knew it! For those of you who followed me to Italy last year you may remember my history with natural disasters. They follow me. Last year there was an earthquake a few days after I got here. I joked that I should skip Pompeii because the volcano may erupt. No volcano in Italy has erupted but one did erupt in Iceland causing major air travel problems. I think I should stay at home!
I'm not putting on any pictures up tonight because it took me over 2 hours to do it last night. So frustrating. Also, we had several taxi rides today and my stomach is still a little roly poly! Riding in a taxi in Rome is like riding a combination of really bad carnival rides. We have decided that there isn't a speed limit over here. Traffic lights are far and few between and you can drive or park anywhere you want. Oh, and if you decide to go the other direction, no problem, just back up in the middle of the street and turn around. We learned today that you can even do this in a giant double decker bus. I suggest that you go to Sam's Club and get the mega pack Tums if you are planning a holiday in Rome!

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  1. Oh, here's another reason I am glad I came into your shop...this sounds like a story from my life! I once was in the Navy and had a crazy few weeks where I flew from New Orleans to Honolulu for vacation for a few weeks, then back to New Orleans, drove to GA to drop off my car, my mom took me back to Pensacola to catch a flight via Atlanta to Rome. In Rome, I had a half day layover and then flew to Catania, Sicily (the airport is about the same size as my back yard). Then I had to take a taxi from the airport to the base in Sigonella. During this ride, I learned several things: 1)2 lanes does not mean 2 wide, it can mean 4 wide 2)As you said, no speed limit 3)Lots of Italian curse words from the driver 4) That all passengers in a taxi there should bring a bible and a preacher (just in case) and 5)The car exiting the base during war time should stop when the Carabinieri say to, because if they don't, they will get warning shots fired at them...Luckily, #5 was exiting as we were entering and it was not us...but it was still enough to make me very wary of ground transportation over there!!