Thursday, April 15, 2010

Michaelangelo sho could paint!

We put on those walking shoes and did us some walking today. After a hair-raising taxi ride to the Vatican, we set off to see the Pope. He must have had something come up because he never did make it out to see us but we did enjoy his home. We did not wait in the hour long line to climb the cupola but we did head down to the basement to have a peep at the popes that have passed on. St. Peter's was fabulous. Every inch of the building is covered in marble or gold or statues. We stood in awe of the size and detail of everything. Next, we were on to the Sistine Chapel. That was quite the experience. We found a small sign in an obscure corner that had an arrow and sistine chapel written on it. We followed the arrow around and around and around and around and finally,what seemed like 5 miles later, we found the entrance to the Vatican Museum which houses the Sistine chapel. We march in and slowly find the ticket booth. Eagerly we skip towards the entrance only to find that it was not the Sistine Chapel. It was, however, a wonderful museum full of fantastic treasures and antiquites. We saw Egyptian mummies, incredible 15th century tapestries, and lots of statuary. As we moved from room to room, we laughed about how we were CERTAIN that the next turn would be the chapel. One ornate room turned in to another and another and another! Don't get me wrong, each room was was a history class in itself, but we started to feel like rats in a maze desperately seeking that glorious hunk of cheese. We carried on. and on. and on. Almost 2 hours and 1,000,000 steps later, we found the chapel. It was worth every step but we were almost to tired to enjoy it when we got there. We simply stood in awe. It was beyond magnificent. The pictures are from St Peter's and The Sistine chapel today. Eileen and I had an early evening walk to the Trevi fountain and made a wish followed by pizza and wine and we are off to bed. Sweet Dreams


  1. Looks like you are having a wonderful time! You go girl!