Sunday, April 18, 2010

tired of Rome yet?

Today we decided to go to the train station in Rome to get our tickets for Venice tomorrow. WOW! This volcano has really put travelers in a pickle. The ticket line wrapped around and about and out and then a little bit farther. We were lucky en ough to get a ticket from a machine and only spent an hour in the station while others, that were having to wait in the lines to speak to a representative, had an all day wait. I just pray that the ash moves out quickly and we can get home on Saturday.

After our tickets, we went to church. They were still observing mass when we got there and were able to watch a bit of a real Roman Catholic mass. The church was incredible(of course everything in Rome is incredible) It was filled with gold from ceiling to floor. The gold was taken from Peru and the Conquistadors. Quite impressive!

Next we took a leisurely stroll down the ancient Appian Way. Pass the church of "Domine Quo Vadis?" This is the site where Jesus was said to have appeared to Peter as he was fleeing Rome. Peter asked, Lord, where are you going? Jesus told him that he was going to be crucified. Peter returned to rome and martyrdom. It is quite moving to walk on a path that was once walked by Jesus.

Next we ate. When your feet get tired and you need a rest - EAT! We have done our share our eating. Tonight, we had CHINESE!!

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  1. I'm not tired at all, just keep it coming! Great pictures, thanks for sharing!