Thursday, August 2, 2012

When you can't find a clay pot

The garage has been one fun project after another here at Alice and Jay. We have had so much fun collecting unique finds to try and make it as quirky as Alice and Jay. Because the garage sits on a sea of asphalt and south Georgia averages daily summer temps around 100, cooling that hot pavement has been a real task. We need very large pots and since they don't make clay pots that large, we had to look beyond the ordinary. Remember my 1953 pink fiat?

It has really grown!

I hope she makes everyone who passes by her giggle.

Here is my newest baby. It's a 1943 Ford! Isn't he handsome!

I can't wait to get him planted up all fancy schmancy.

Come by this Saturday and see all of our new pretties. Bring a picnic and we can have lunch in my asphalt oasis!


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  1. Nice! But that is a 1948 Ford not 43 Google images for each year