Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Pinterest pretending!

Does anybody else out there spend hours(way too many hours) on pinterest , pinning all of those wonderful uplifting quotes that mAke you feel so good about the person that you are. Look back at that board and think,"yep, I have got it going on." My pinterest house is spotless and my wardrobe is to die for. Cook? I am an awesome recipe collector ;just look at my scrumpdillyishus board. Oh, for those precious moments spent on an iPad, I am actually as good as mrs. Cleaver and Aunt Bea rolled into one...until my feet hit the dirty floor the next morning. Here is the way it went down today. We are still cleaning that cursed floor in our new building! We went to lowes to get trash bags cause we have got lots of trash! Got back and opened the sealed box of bags. Look at this!

Someone had opened the box from the bottom, taken the bags out and then stuffed it full of heavy cards and paper to make it weigh more. Then they hot glued the bottom back and returned it. Who in the Sam hill thought of this! What has happened to honesty and integrity? Did they actually feel good about doing this?

I did not feel like this...

Or this...

Nope. Instead I felt like this...


Yep! That's what I love about pinterest. You can wrap those boards up with pretty pink ribbons and the loveliest of thoughts but on those special days when the rubber hits the road...we all need a good bit**ing board.

Hit that pretty little red P tonight and join me in my favorite wonderland!


  1. When I first started Pinterest I could spend hours there. Then I got hooked on Pinterest contests. I curbed my addiction. Now it is a guilty pleasure I can do in smaller doses.

  2. you are one of my favorite pinterest pals...and bloggy buds...and aunts/gypsy queen/ all around cool gals! you're always making me smile in one way or another...
    just got back to georgia. we need a fish taco date:)

  3. ok - so that is amazingly disturbed - really - someone needed contractor garbage bags that badly?