Wednesday, August 1, 2012

One tater, two tater

One tater, two tater, three tater, four... Did you ever play that game? How many hours of my childhood were spent poppin' our fist to see who was " out ". I think I may have always been the one out. I wonder if being the youngest had anything to do with that? It didn't matter. It was the stuff my dreams are made of! Summer afternoons were magical.

One time we(me, Josephine, and Beatrice) decided we would build us a swimming pool. Being that we lived on a farm, swimming pool building supplies were plentiful. We mapped out a good spot off to the side of our dirt road, grabbed up some lumber( which I don't think we had enough of so we decided to just "dam" it up like beavers) and in no time flat we was a swimmin' up a storm. It was more like 3 little channel catfish wallowing in a big puddle but I wouldn't have traded it for the world. I can still see and hear my tiny grandma telling us to "get out of that mud, you girls are gonna be eat up with the ringworms". Worms and snakes were a good way to make little farm girls behave in those days. But on this particular day, not even the threat of being covered in worms worried us one dab. Some days are so good , you can still feel it, smell it , and taste it! PS We didn't get worms and we had a fancy mud bath without even knowing that mud baths were fancy!

Then there was this other time...Beatrice was making tin foil masks for the three of see, you take a good sheet of tin foil, press it tightly around your face, and then trim around the foil to create a mask.. Now, if you are 8 and cutting around someone's face that is 2, you just might cut all of their bangs off.

Yep! This is me. My most famous photo ever shot. We lovingly call it "the chicken picture" in my family. When you have 6 girls in a farm family and the older three get to roll their long beautiful hair in orange juice cans every night, the younger three all get pixie cuts. The less hair there is, the less rat nests you have to comb out in the morning! Add a good tin foil mask cut and you get one heck of a hair doo!

Family and memories. I am so blessed to have the best of both. I love you all with every fiber of my being. And Beatrice, I would still let you cut me a tin foil mask any day.

Hmmm,I got a little off track( maybe WAY off ). I titled this blog one tater,two tater because I wanted you to see how big my tater vine has gotten.

It didn't really have anything to do with summertime memories but it sure was fun to remember! Take a moment today and savor a favorite memory or maybe go make a new one! Whatever you do, have a beautiful day, with love from AliCe and JaY!

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